Wild Fire

henri charr
An out of control Wild Fire quickly becomes the biggest blaze of the season, threatening thousands of acres and a safe haven for exotic animals run by two young sisters, Carol, and her sister Ballad. The wild animals…who found their way to the refuge after being discarded by zoos, circuses and Hollywood will be kill by this deadly force of nature. Two men claiming to represent animal protectors overpower Carol, forcing her to release the animals out of the compound.

The unpredictable changing winds make the fire grow more and more deadly. The only way of stopping the inferno is to create a break line ahead of it, Ballad’s boyfriend, Kennedy is a firefighter and smokejumper whose team will risk their lives in high altitude, precision jumps into the burning fire to create these crucial break lines.

Ballad teams up with sheriff Drake, to find her missing sister and recapture the animals who are running wild in danger of being trapped in the growing inferno. Ballad discovers that her animal refuge is in the meddle of a huge new urban development project her sister Carol had refused an offer to relocate, which was all that was standing in the way of the builders who had invested millions in the housing project.

Ballad’s boyfriend Kennedy manages to temporarily contain the Wild Fire and returns to find Ballad confronting the man that started the fire. Together Kennedy & Ballad must stop the man and prove his quilt and save their animals from the "WildFire".

Genre:   Family
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Runtime:   93 min
Released:   2003
Director:   Henri Charr
Producers:   Jess Mancilla
    Henri Charr
Cast:   Michael Preston
    Jordan Seider
    Claire Smithies
    Brad Sergi