Illegal Entry: Formula For Fear

Scientist Elvin Gambit has invented a formula that could change the world as we know it. After he and his wife are brutally murdered, the secret formula falls into the hands of their unsuspecting daughter, Traci. She is the sole heir to information wanted by all nations of the world. Now, she and her lover are thrown into a terrifying whirlpool of erotic desire, bloody double–cross and relentless murders. All the stops are out in a pulse–pounding race against time, in which death can sting anytime...anywhere.

Genre:   Action/Thriller
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Runtime:   88 min
Released:   1993
Director:   Henri Charr
Producers:   Jess Mancilla
    Henri Charr
Cast:   Barbara Lee
    Alexander Gregory   Vignolle
    Arthur Roberts
    Carol Hoyt
    Sabryn Gene't