I Love Your Moves

Ari has just moved from his home in Russia to America to live with his mother and his grandfather. An awkward teen, Ari has trouble making friends, fitting in and generally adapting to his new American life. But everything changes when he falls in love with Paris, who's not only the most popular girl in school but also a champion ballroom dancer.

In order to get closer to Paris, Ari decides to join the school's ballroom dance program. What he doesn't know is that his grandfather is in fact Goran Kiev, perhaps the greatest ballroom dancer who ever lived, and Ari appears to have inherited his grandfather's incredible talent.

When Paris realizes that Ari is a natural on the dance floor, she sees her ticket to the Regional Championships and a scholarship to the New York dance academies. Standing in their way, however, is their dance teacher, Della, who just happens to be the spurned former partner of Kiev, as well as Dolby, Paris' jealous and violent boyfriend.

Despite the obstacles on their path to happiness and success, Ari and Paris soon realize that the most important rule of ballroom dancing is – NEVER STOP DANCING!

Genre:   Adventure
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Runtime:   106 min
Released:   2012
Director:   Henri Charr
Producers:   Jess Mancilla
    Henri Charr
Cast:   Andoni Zorbas
    Erika Cortes
    Scott Cullen
    Michael Swan
    Regina Palian