Fatal Encounter

A gunshot invades the stillness of a Malibu sunset has two assassins take aim at professional race car driver Leary Seager (Jack Wallace). Seager leads the killers on a thrilling motorcycle chase along the beach, but the armed men eventually send them to a fiery death.

Seager's murder stuns the community and only one woman, the enterprising Joan Caldwell (Karen Black), knows who hire the "hit" man. Only Caldwell knows, too, of the vast fortune left behind by Seager and that Seager had a daughter, who grew up never knowing about him. Caldwell, a true to businesswoman, goes to Seager's daughter, Laura (Barbara Lee Alexander), and informs her she is the rightful heir to a vast fortune. Laura is stunned by this. The man and woman who raised her were killed in a tragic accident several years ago. Now she learns the man she called "Daddy" was not her father at all, but her father's best friend. Caldwell volunteers to help her claim the money if Laura gives her a portion of it. But whoever killed Larry Seager also wants Caldwell and Laura dead. Before Caldwell can explain more, the killers shoot her.

Laura escapes, and seeks help from Caldwell's friend, Raymond Kirschner (Dennis Cole), the executor of Seager's estate. The plot thickens when we learn Kirschner is the lover of Seager's murderer – Jacqueline Dunn, Seager's common-law wife. In a vicious confidence scheme, Kirschner and Dunn plot to kill Laura and split up the inheritance money.

Just as a team of assassins prepare to execute Laura, her boyfriend, Johnny Terrel (Lee Majors II), shows up and subdues the gunman. Laura, and here's a truck and the attackers give chase. In a no-holds-barred, underwater finale, Laura and Johnny must fight against Kirschner and Dunn for their lives – and the fortune.

Genre:   Action
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Runtime:   82 min
Released:   1990
Director:   Henri Charr
Producers:   Jess Mancilla
    Henri Charr
Cast:   Karen Black
    Lee Majors II  Vignoll
    Dennis Cole
    Jack Wallace
    Ron Dean
    Dan Koko
    Barbara Lee Alexander