Hollywood Safari: The Series

The adventures of the amazing Johnson family as they train the world’s most exotic animals for roles on the silver screen. Muddy the dog, Plato the monkey, and the cast of special creatures keep them on their toes.

The family includes Josh the fearless son who's willing to risk his life living adventurously and his brother, Peter, a young kid who possesses a unique bond with all creatures.

Worlds collide when the beast of the wild met the glitz of Hollywood. And only Troy Johnson, world-class animal trainer, and his beautiful wife Jayne, can untangle the mess.

Action and adventure, Fun and Family…nothing is impossible in the world of Hollywood Safari!

                     22 ONE HOUR EPISODES
  • Cruel People
  • War Games
  • On the Run
  • Star Attraction
  • Poison Lively
  • Blaze
  • Underground
  • Partners in Crime
  • Walking the Dog
  • Dinosaur Bones
  • Ghost Town
  • Extinct
  • Dude Ranch
  • Rites of Passage
  • Aftershock
  • Bernice and Clyde
  • Bigfoot
  • Fool's Gold
  • Muddy's Thanksgiving
  • Quality Time
  • Dreams (Part I)
  • Dreams (Part II)


    Genre:   Family
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    Released:   1998
    Cast:   Sam J. Jones
        Caryn Richman
        David Lago
        Tommy Devers
        Jaxon Duff Gwillim
        Joe Michael Burke
        Kirsten Maryott
        Joan Marlowe
        Ryan O'Neill
        Ted Jan Roberts