Under Lock & Key

henri charr
F.B.I. Special Agent Danielle Peters (Wendi Westbrook) must work undercover inside a dangerous maximum security women's prison. She is there to gain the confidence of a beautiful inmate named Sarah (Stephanie Ann Smith), the ex-girlfriend of ruthless drug lord, Carlos Vega (K. Phillip Anthony). Sarah is the key to bringing down Vega, but Vega's prison connections make this a dangerous and deadly assignment.

With the help of a prison guard named Tina (Barbara Niven), Danielle must try to protect Sarah from killer inmates and corrupt guards. Eventually, she and Sarah form a friendship, and the two get reassigned to another prison. During the transfer, they are ambushed by Vega's cartel - Sarah is killed and Danielle's cover is blown. Now Danielle finds herself the target of the clever but ruthless Vega, who will stop at nothing to destroy her. But when he goes so far as to kidnap her daughter, Danielle's mission turns to one of rage...and revenge.

Genre:   Action/Thriller
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Runtime:   92 min
Released:   1995
Director:   Henri Charr
Producers:   Jess Mancilla
    Henri Charr
Cast:   Wendi Westbrook
    Barbara Niven
    Taylor Leigh
    Stephanie Ann Smith
    Sai Tyler
    K. Phillip Anthony