Little Heroes 3

Samson and Hercules, the extraordinary dogs of Little Heroes 1 & 2 are back!

A couple of international criminals steal a Top Secret Defense microchip. Arrested after a high-speed chase, the zany criminals land in the same jail as Slick & Carny. Just before Slick and Carny are released for good behavior, the criminals slip the microchip into Carny’s food to smuggle it out. But the bowls get mixed up and the criminals don’t know which one ate the chip.

Waiting outside to nab them are Miss. Clorine, the sexy mastermind behind the heist of the microchip, and her Sumo-size henchmen . They take the dimwitted pair to a high-tech lab to force the chip out of them.

Samson & Hercules attempt an incredible rescue with their ingenious gags culminating in a side-splitting climax set against a parade of thousand in Downtown Los Angeles and an outrageous Sumo Championship.

Genre:   Family
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Runtime:   90 min
Released:   2003
Director:   Henri Charr
Producers:   Jess Mancilla
    Henri Charr
Cast:   Thomas Garner
    Brad Sergi
    Candace Bender
    Mike Grief