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JESS MANCILLA - Founder & President

A graduate of Film from Columbia College, he rose from the ranks, working for more than 15 years as an editor, post production supervisor and producer.

In the mid-90’, he produced the family film My Uncle: The Alien a Selection at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy, Thriller and Science Fiction Films. Domestically, it was broadcast on HBO and has been in popular re-runs ever since.

In 1997. He Executive Produced Hollywood Safari, a 22-episode TV series for the whole family based on his successful film of the same title which he co-wrote, and produced.

In 2000 he produced Little Heroes, a rip-roaring action comedy about two amazing dogs. Televised on Animal Planet as the “Movie of the Month” to big ratings, the film was so popular there was an immediate demand for two sequels "Little Heroes 2" and "Top Dog" the trilogy was distributed in the US. By Warner Brothers.

Mancilla continuous to deliver films that are at the helm of the latest trends creatively and technically with his newest productions; "Wildfire" a heart-warming Action Adventure about two sisters that fight against all odds to save their animal sanctuary from being destroyed by a greedy corporate developers, "Abe & Bruno", a Family Adventure Comedy of friendship between a man an his roommate a 600 pound gorilla, and "Heart of Fear" a heartwarming Suspense Drama the story of a little boy who losses his mother on a brutal murder and a female FBI agent that overcomes all odds to save him. "Forbidden Border" a contemporary story of a girl that travels to Mexico to purchase live saving medicine for her ailing mother only to find herself wrongly accuse and imprison by a corrupt system that involves, the mighty pharmaceutical companies trying to stop Americans from crossing the border to purchase inexpensive medicine. In 2010 Mancilla produced "The Secret of Hidden Pines" a Comedy about a couple that finds a babe Bigfoot in the woods they adopt him. Fourteen years later. The teen age Bigfoot is the smartest kid in school he talks and plays games. Trouble begging’s when the Mayor of the town wants to capture him and put him in a zoo. In 2011 Mancilla completes the production of " I Love Your MOVES" a teen age musical-drama dealing with a group of teens that find friendship, and a purpose to fallow their dreams through dancing in a Ballroom dance competition. "Stepping High" Recently completed and released theatrically to great success. The story of an Americanized Middle Eastern girl who puts her passion for dance before family and anything else in her life. After many failed auditions she stumbles upon an opportunity to teach at a High School. She becomes re-energized. She opens the kids’ eyes and minds to dance as a powerful tool for social change.. Race, class, culture . Not everyone likes her progressive ideas. When she introduces them to her belly-ballroom style, tensions escalate.

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